deliciously sweet cinema
The preceding intro movie is vintage footage and was not shot by Layer Cake Films.

All photography on this site by Jennifer Brown.


Film. Cake. Love. At Layer Cake Films those are our three favorite things. In that order. Mainly because we haven’t found love.

But you have! And you’re getting married. Which is probably why you are at our website. It’s not to hear about our loveless cake baking and nonstop film watching…or is it?

Layer Cake Films is a super 8mm wedding film company. We create films that are original, offbeat, fun, and exciting. We strive to make custom stylized films that combine our generation's style and sensibility with yesterday's vintage film and retro feel. No melodramatic forced emotion! We are all about having fun and capturing the joy of your wedding day. We embrace offbeat couples that want their film edited to The Dead Kennedy's and not Celine Dion (though we can do that for you too). Weddings should be full of joy and a lot of fun and we hope that we can be the film company that gives you exactly that.

So, we’ll make you a deal: you bring the love, we’ll bring the film. And if there’s time left over, then yes, we’d love to have some cake.

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